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15 Kitchen Design Trends That You Should Consider For Your New Kitchen

One of the positive aspects of their work that cabinet makers refer to when working on kitchen renovations is that people’s likes and dislikes are constantly changing. This means kitchens that are designed and installed this year, will have many different features, colours, and traits, than those of last year due to the current trends.

It is also true that many popular features of kitchens seem to be ever-present, meaning that rather than being a ‘trend’ they could be regarded as evergreen. That is not to say they will remain so forever, but simply that they are popular for longer than a short period of time.

This brings us to the subject of this article and that is the trends that are popular at the moment with homeowners considering kitchen renovations. To discover them we spoke to several cabinet makers and kitchen designers to ascertain fifteen popular features and traits that they are being increasingly asked to include in the kitchens they are creating.

Reclaimed Materials: With a great focus on global warming and the environment, it is not surprising that so many people want their kitchens to feature as many reclaimed and recycled materials as possible.

Double Islands: For kitchens that have the space available, there is a growing demand for not just one island but two, with one used for food preparation and the other for sitting around.

Distinctive Sinks: Whilst sinks can sometimes be an afterthought in a kitchen, a growing trend is for them to be a distinctive feature. This is often achieved using an oversized sink or a vintage washhouse-type sink.

Built-In Bars: Many homeowners want their kitchen to be a place to entertain guests, which might explain why there has been a huge upturn in the number of requests for built-in bars to form part of kitchen renovations.

Kitchen Offices: Working from home has been on the rise recently for several reasons. It also means that when kitchen renovations are being discussed, many people ask that a home office forms part of it.

Green Kitchens: This is not the environmental green but instead an increase in the popularity of green-coloured features being requested in new kitchens such as kitchen cabinets, drawers, and even appliances.

Marble Splashbacks: Splashbacks are an essential feature of many kitchens, and a trend recently has been for those splashbacks to either be made from marble or to be marble-like in terms of their appearance.

Two-Tone Kitchens: A way in which aesthetics have developed recently is a move by some homeowners towards their kitchens being two-tone with a large number of potential combinations of two colours being possible.

Oversized Flagstone Tiles: The urge to be different is strong in many people and that could explain why some homeowners are requesting that the flooring used in their new kitchen is large flagstones.

On-Demand Boiling Water: Technology often influences the trends in kitchen designs, so it is no surprise that taps that can produce boiling water instantly have become increasingly requested for new kitchen designs.

Pendant Lights: Good lighting is essential for both aesthetics and practical reasons in kitchens. A type of kitchen lighting that is currently trending is pendant lighting, with a row of several pendant lights often installed.

Metallic Accessories: The demand for these stems from homeowners who either want a vintage look, such as with the use of brass, or those who want a modern kitchen, so stainless steel will be the option used.

Rounded Edges: Whether for safety reasons or simply that they prefer how it looks, more and more people are requesting the edges within their new kitchen are rounded rather than right-angled corners.

Textured Surfaces: Whether it be the floor, the walls, or the fronts of their kitchen cabinets, lots of homeowners prefer them to have textured surfaces, rather than being smooth across their surfaces.

Vintage Furniture: This is a trend that seems to go in cycles and at the moment it is on the up, where vintage furniture is in huge demand from those having their kitchen renovation planned.