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Discover Colray Cabinets’ Amazing Kitchen Cabinet Finish Options!

Colray Cabinets is based in the state of Western Australia, and it has become synonymous with excellence as well as innovative designs for kitchens over the last two decades. They are known for the perfect blend of liveability, functionality, and beauty that has attracted them to homeowners as well as builders. Another significant part of their attraction lies in the fact that they offer a wide range of kitchen cabinet finishes, which for every type.

1. Natural Wood Finish: Embracing the Beauty of Grain

  • The Classic Choice: Colray Cabinets offers wood finishes which are much natural and bring every detail of the characteristic’s grain in it into view. This kind of surface is suitable for individuals, who appreciate the classical beauty and cosiness offered by natural wood in terms of their kitchen.
  • Client Testimonial: “The natural wood cabinets from Colray gave us in our kitchen the warm and organic feel that made it just like being at home, having a sense of completeness.”

2. High-Gloss Finish: For a Sleek, Modern Look

  • Contemporary Elegance: High gloss is needed for modern kitchen designs. The light bounces it perfectly, which makes the space look bigger and brighter.
  • Feedback from a Homeowner: As it turned out, I chose the high-gloss finish for my kitchen cabinets and everything changed. The stunning, shiny appearance of this surface that reflected light was spectacular!.

3. Matte Finish: Understated Sophistication

  • Subtle Yet Stylish: For a more relaxed demeanour, Colray Cabinets provides matte finishes. This variant gives a present-day, non reflective surface that matches to different design ideas.
  • Customer Experience: “Our Colray cabinets blend in with the matte finish beautifully, and they give a subtle touch of luxury that unifies all our kitchen components.”

4. Painted Finish: A Pop of Colour

  • Custom Colours: The palette of painted finishes that these companies provide for the kitchen cabinets is extremely versatile, but clients can order custom designs to their specific preferences.
  • A Client’s Story: “With the brightly painted bluish cabinets, our kitchen became a focal point in this spring collection. Colray helped me realise my dream!”

5. Glazed Finish: Adding Depth and Character

  • Enhanced Detailing: The glazed finish is a good choice for the depth and its ability to bring out stature, detail or aesthetic of cabinet design but specifically for such applications as traditional or rustic kitchen required.
  • Testimonial: “The gloss finish on our kitchen cabinets had such character, detail. It is incredible how it exhibits the workmanship in each cabinet.”

6. Laminate Finish: Durable and Budget-Friendly

  • Practical and Versatile: What is more, laminate finishes offer an economical solution without compromising the looks. It is available in various patterns and colours that suit diverse design needs.
  • Client Review: “We had a small budget, but wanted our kitchen to look sophisticated; Colray’s laminate cabinets were just right – beautiful and economical.”

7. Acrylic Finish: High-End Contemporary Style

  • Luxurious and Trendy: To create a more upscale modern atmosphere, Colray Cabinets provides acrylic finishes that are known to be shiny and smooth in texture.
  • Feedback from a Happy Customer: “ Our acrylic cabinets are just gorgeous. They give our kitchen that simple, upscale and contemporary look—a thing we really cherish!”

In Conclusion: A Finish for Every Taste at Colray Cabinets

A suitable cabinet finish plays a significant role in the look and interior design of your kitchen. For Colray Cabinets, the choices are limitless so; there is always something for every taste and design preference. Their finishes include natural wood to the smooth high-gloss and everything in between; all are meticulously crafted for quality and aesthetics. Therefore, Colray Cabinets guarantees that all kitchens designed by their company are more than functional and practical; they also endorse the personality of an individual.

The association of experience and the most recent technology helps to keep an eye on cabinet making, featuring finishes that are avant-garde but also classic at once. Both the renovation of an old kitchen or a new one, variety offered by Colray Cabinets removes limits and lets you have your desired set.

Visit Colray Cabinets for More Inspiration

To view the range of kitchen cabinet finishes available from Colray Cabinets to, visit our website and appreciate its gallery images. The showroom in Western Australia for their branch is on business days, from Monday to Friday; appointments can be made outside of working hours and during Saturdays. Call the Colray Cabinets experts to find out how quickly and cost-effectively your perfect kitchen can come true.