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Discover the Secret to Stunning Homes: Colray Cabinets’ Award-Winning Kitchen Designs Unveiled!

Welcome to the Colray Cabinets world, where your home dream comes true in the most elegant and feature-full way. Located in Western Australia, Colray Cabinets has embodied the apex of kitchen design and cabinetry for more than two decades. In this case, we bring together liveability, functionality, and aesthetics to give you nothing but the best quality at surprisingly cost-effective prices.

Your Kitchen, Our Canvas

Colray Cabinets is more than just a business; it’s an epicentre of ideas and artistry. With Scott Muir and Scott Batters at the helm of an army of workshops, we give life to your ideas. Our recognised service covers all metropolitan WA and any kitchen design that will match well with your existing home décor, lifestyle, and spatial freedom limitations.

A Symphony of Services

Our offerings are as varied as they are exceptional:

  • Bespoke Kitchen Design: Kitchen design lies at the core of our services. We realise the kitchen is not merely a place to prepare food; it’s an area where memories are created. We adjust our designs to your preferences, whether it is a glossy modern appearance or traditional comfort.
  • Beyond the Kitchen: Although kitchens are our speciality, this is not the end of it. Our offer ranges from luxurious bathroom cabinets to outdoor kitchen installations and laundry storage items.
  • Custom Cabinetry for Every Nook: Our expertise also includes the design and creation of bespoke entertainment units and built-in pieces, as well as cabinetry for general use that imparts sophistication and order to any living space.
  • Technology Meets Tradition: With the use of state-of-the-art technology and equipment for every cabinet, we guarantee workmanship that cannot be matched by any other. To be able to provide you with current and timeless design, we follow industry trends.

Real Stories, Real Satisfaction

Don’t just take our word for it; our clients’ experiences speak volumes:

  • “Colray Cabinets took our old, outdated kitchen and gave it a modern makeover. From corner to bottom, one could see attention in every detail and quality craftsmanship.”
  • “They are skilled in their craft, from the initial design consultation to the final installation, professional and attentive.”
  • “We chose Colray for our bathroom renovation, and the outcome was simply amazing. They seemed to know exactly what we had in mind.”

Embarking on Your Design Journey

Our approach is as unique as our designs. We value teamwork; your ideas, combined with our skills, produce beautiful yet functional spaces. We walk you through every step, from design inspiration to the selection of materials.

Visit Us: Experience the Magic Firsthand

You are welcome to come and see our showroom and factory, where you will be able to marvel at the wondrous options we provide. We are open every work day (Monday – Friday) between 7.00 am and 3.0 pm, with emergency appointments scheduled after hours or on Saturday mornings as necessary. Discover our beautiful gallery, get inspired, and let’s begin the journey of making your home a space that speaks about you.

Conclusion: Your Dream Space Awaits

In Colray Cabinets, we don’t only manufacture cabinets; we produce encounters. We combine innovation with history and quality with beauty to build uniquely yours spaces. Therefore, whether you are building a house or renovating an existing area, we would want to be part of your journey. Contact us today for a free quote and start your journey towards achieving the perfect dream space.