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10 Ideas To Create More Space When Remodelling Your Small Kitchen

If a kitchen is small and it requires remodelling, it presents challenges to the homeowners whose kitchen it is, as well as the cabinet makers they employ to remodel and build their new kitchen. Whilst most cabinet makers are happy to take on kitchen renovations for all sizes of kitchen space, it is the kitchens whose dimensions are the smallest that throw up the most hurdles, but they are not hurdles that cannot be overcome.

If you speak to cabinet makers and kitchen designers, many will tell you that they get the biggest sense of achievement when they can create amazing kitchens in spaces that many would consider not big enough for a decent kitchen. Part of the reason they are able to create kitchens in those small spaces is the ingenious ideas that they implement. Read on and you will discover ten of those ideas.

Idea #1 – Declutter From The Start: You will be amazed at how much additional space you can create by simply getting rid of some of the superfluous items you currently have in your kitchen such as plant pots, ornaments, old stools, and unused or broken appliances.

Idea #2 – Replace The Dining Table With An Island: A dining table has one function, and that is allowing you and your family to sit around and eat meals. However, replace it with an island, and you now have somewhere to eat, and it doubles up as a food preparation area too.

Idea #3 – Have Fixed Cabinets On One Wall Only: In small kitchens, if you have cabinets on two walls it creates a sense of the walls falling in on you as you walk through. As such, we recommend that wall cabinets should be fitted on one wall only.

Idea #4 – Mix Materials And Colours: Whilst using a mix of colours and materials in kitchen renovations will not add any space, the aesthetics they create for those in the kitchen can act as a visually impressive distraction to the fact that the space they are in is small.

Idea #5 – Go With A Light Colour Scheme: We stay with the theme of colours and an idea that is tried and tested to make a room seem bigger. It is to use lighter colours for your colour scheme throughout your kitchen’s design including worksurfaces, cabinets, flooring, and wall decoration.

Idea #6 – Utilise Custom Cabinets:  Selecting a kitchen company with cabinet makers who can create custom-built kitchen cabinets can make a huge difference to the amount of storage you have. They can create cabinets to fit in awkward spots within your kitchen to make use of every inch of available space.

Idea #7 – Optimise Lighting To Minimise Shadows: All kitchens need lighting, but in small kitchens how that lighting is configured and positioned is critical. The main goal is to try and ensure that the lighting does not create large areas of shadow as shadows can to make the kitchen feel even smaller than it is.

Idea #8 – Think ‘Vertical’: Your kitchen might be small, but we assume the ceiling is as tall as most other kitchens. As such, think of ways to utilise the height of the kitchen by thinking about how vertical solutions can overcome the lack of ‘horizontal’ space that you have available. e.g. tall versus wide cabinets.

Idea #9 – Use Mirrors And Mirrored Surfaces: Mirrors and mirrored surfaces are a clever way of creating the sense that there is more space in a small kitchen than the reality. Examples include kitchen cabinets with reflective surfaces and mirrored splashbacks.

Idea #10 – Explore ‘Small’ Technology: Modern technology can come to your aid in the sense that it has created many appliances and gadgets that are much smaller than you would normally find. Examples include mini refrigerators, combo/mini microwave ovens, and table-top toaster ovens.