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In the Western Australian landscape, Colray Cabinets have made an appearance and are on a path to disrupting kitchen designs after twenty years of service in helping individuals seek design space for their kitchens. It is well acclaimed for a perfect combination of liveability, functionality, and aesthetics that creates stylish and useful kitchen refurbishments. Let’s look at some of the common kitchen design trends that Colray Cabinets recommends under the leadership of its team, including Scott Muir and Scott Batters.

1. Modern Minimalism: The Art of Less is More

  • Simplicity and Functionality: Colray Cabinets advocates for minimalists since it emphasises straight lines and clear spaces.
  • Client Testimonial: A homeowner commends the new look that Colray gave their once disorganised kitchen, noting how it became a minimalistic haven with more space and an elegant design.

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It is located in the centre of Western Australia; Colray Cabinets represent a subtle invention idea for innovative kitchen design, especially if it comes to small but beautiful and functional accumulation. With more than two decades of wealth experience, Colray Cabinets learned how to incorporate liveability, functionality, and beauty at a reasonable price, focusing on compact kitchens’ distinct problems.

Customised Layouts: Crafting Functionality in Limited Spaces

Successful small kitchen design requires a customised layout, which is one of Colray Cabinets’ specialties. Knowing how every inch matters in a small setting, they are experts at getting to know your available square foot. This cautious judgement enables them to create innovative small kitchen design ideas that are designed for the dimensions of your kitchen as well as your needs. In this way, they convert the perceived spatial obstacles into possibilities for functional and aesthetic improvement.

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If a kitchen is small and it requires remodelling, it presents challenges to the homeowners whose kitchen it is, as well as the cabinet makers they employ to remodel and build their new kitchen. Whilst most cabinet makers are happy to take on kitchen renovations for all sizes of kitchen space, it is the kitchens whose dimensions are the smallest that throw up the most hurdles, but they are not hurdles that cannot be overcome.

If you speak to cabinet makers and kitchen designers, many will tell you that they get the biggest sense of achievement when they can create amazing kitchens in spaces that many would consider not big enough for a decent kitchen. Part of the reason they are able to create kitchens in those small spaces is the ingenious ideas that they implement. Read on and you will discover ten of those ideas.

Idea #1 – Declutter From The Start: You will be amazed at how much additional space you can create by simply getting rid of some of the superfluous items you currently have in your kitchen such as plant pots, ornaments, old stools, and unused or broken appliances.

Idea #2 – Replace The Dining Table With An Island: A dining table has one function, and that is allowing you and your family to sit around and eat meals. However, replace it with an island, and you now have somewhere to eat, and it doubles up as a food preparation area too.

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