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7 Types Of Kitchen Cabinet Finish You Can Choose For Your Kitchen Redesign

As part of the process of planning and implementing kitchen renovations, it is cabinet makers who will mainly be focussing on the kitchen cabinets that will form part of those kitchens. This will include how many cabinets, what size they will be, the style of those cabinets, and even details such as the handles to be used.

One of the features that will require a lot of thought on the part of both the homeowners and the cabinet makers who are advising them, is the finish for the cabinets. When we use the term ‘finish’ it will primarily be the finish on the door of the kitchen cabinets rather than the main body of them, although, depending on the styling of the cabinets, the finish can, in some kitchens, extend to the body of the cabinets too.

The finish used for kitchen cabinets must be carefully considered as they will first need to fit in with the overall style of the kitchen as a whole. Matters such as the budget available, given that different finishes will attract different prices, will also need to be taken into account. As for what types of finishes are available for kitchen cabinets as part of kitchen renovations, here are seven of the most popular.

Kitchen Cabinet Finish #1 – Natural

Often regarded as the simplest and most attractive kitchen cabinet finish, as it makes use of the natural beauty of wood. natural finishes do not have to be painted, stained, or dyed. The colour of the wood is not normally altered in any way, although they are usually given a transparent protective coating to enhance durability and prolong lifespan.

Kitchen Cabinet Finish #2 – Glazed

Glazed finishes on kitchen cabinets will primarily be found on those with a wood fascia, although you may also see them on painted doors too. The effect of the glazed finish is to add depth to the appearance and to augment the details contained within the wood which will differ depending on which wood has been used.

Kitchen Cabinet Finish #3 – Painted

Kitchens with painted finishes on their cabinets are likely to differ the most from each other, given the vast choice of possible colours that the cabinets could be painted. The colour chosen can also act as the basis for the rest of the kitchen renovation. Note they are prone to wear, so may need repainting in time.

Kitchen Cabinet Finish #4 – Lacquer

The most common lacquer is high gloss, although some kitchens may have matt finishes. High gloss lacquer, once it has been allowed to dry, will create a tough finish, and because it is non-porous this will be a surface that will resist stains of all kinds, including grease. Cleaning them is also made extremely easy as a result.

Kitchen Cabinet Finish #5 – Laminates

Laminates are often the finishes used by cabinet makers for kitchen renovations they are working on which have limited budgets. Nevertheless, laminates still offer a robust and durable finish in kitchens, and a wide choice of colours, plus they can provide a matt finish or a high gloss finish.

Kitchen Cabinet Finish #6 – Veneer

Offering similar benefits to laminates, veneers are the option when a wood finish is desired but the cost of using real wood for constructing cabinets is not within the budget. Veneer finishes are made from thin strips of wood and retain the appearance, colour, and grain patterns of that wood.

Kitchen Cabinet Finish #7 – Distressed

One of the most distinctive finishes you will find on kitchen cabinets, the distressed appearance is created using colour variations that provide a natural and aged appearance. The effect is created by what appear to be scratches or worn areas using a variety of painting, staining, and glazing techniques.