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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Black Kitchen Cabinets

One of the popular requests that are made of cabinet makers when they are involved in kitchen renovations, is to create black kitchen cabinets. Whether the black colouring is to be on the outside, inside, on trimmings, or across the entirety of the cabinets, there is no denying that kitchens that contain these black cabinets are some of the most distinctive you will find.

There are many reasons why homeowners ask for black kitchen cabinets, although often it can simply be that black is their favourite colour. For others, they will want their cabinet makers to make their kitchen cabinets black having done some research into their advantages and disadvantages.

If you are considering renovating your kitchen, and black kitchen cabinets are on the list of possibilities, then you too should take time to weigh up the pros and cons of black cabinets in kitchens. To give you a starting point for that, we have highlighted several advantages and disadvantages of black kitchen cabinets below.

Advantages Of Black Kitchen Cabinets

Sophisticated And Modern Appearance

Whether it is in kitchens, offices, or even cars, black is a colour that gives the allure of sophistication, as well as them seeming to be more modern than if other colours were used. That is certainly true when you compare black kitchen cabinets to those with natural oak colouring, for example.

Creates Contrasts Within The Kitchen

One trait of the colour black is that it is at one end of the colour spectrum and is thus able to produce excellent contrasts within any setting that it is used. That is certainly true in kitchens, especially if white is also used throughout as the ultimate contrast to the black cabinets.

Can Hide Scratches And Stains

Whilst we are sure you would not want to have any scratches or stains in your kitchen, especially on your cabinets, over time they will occur, unfortunately. Thankfully, black cabinets are more able to hide them than many other cabinets can, especially wood or wood effect.

Can Create An Intimate Setting

When in a space that has black colouring, it can make that space feel smaller. That might not always be desirable, but when it is, such as wanting to have an intimate atmosphere in your kitchen for a romantic meal with a partner or spouse, black is perfect for creating it.

Disadvantages Of Black Kitchen Cabinets

Need Cleaning Often

One downside of black cabinets is that they will need cleaning often. Dirt and dust seem to be drawn to black surfaces as though they were magnets, so be prepared to have your dusters and cleaning cloths at the ready to keep your black cabinets clean.

Require Bright Fixtures To Avoid The Kitchen Looking Too Dark

One of the dangers of using black in your home, and that includes your kitchen, is that you can overdo it. The risk is that in your kitchen the black almost overwhelms you within a setting that is too dark. This is why you need to ensure you include enough lighter-coloured features within your kitchen to prevent that.

Can Make The Space Seem Smaller

A room with black walls will always seem smaller than an identically sized room with white walls. It follows, therefore, that the more black colour there is in kitchens, including all black cabinets, there is a risk that they make a kitchen seem smaller than it is.

Need A Lot Of Light

Whilst black can look stunning if used by cabinet makers as the main colour for kitchen cabinets, the possibility exists that the kitchens in which they are installed can seem too dark. For this reason, whether it is natural light or artificial light that is available, the fact remains that sufficient extra light will be required.